Theresa Nguyen

Bite sized lessons from The Artist's Way and the world of Integral Coaching

I'm in that awkward stage of transitioning careers - from leading a team of 300 to undertaking my Apprentice Integral Coaching certification. Then I picked up The Artist's Way in 2015 and my world was turned upside down. A self guided 12 week program and writing 3 pages a morning. Weird how catalyst moments can come out of nowhere.

This website is my creative outlet to ponder upon any musings that this artist's journey + life coaching process will undeniably bring up.


Writing background

Six years ago, I started my first blog. I found writing a cathartic release when I was too young, too pregnant and utterly single - that adoption blog lasted a year. It did gather quite a bit of attention which was heart warming (ps. I kept my daughter). 

Writing entered my life again when I found myself living a stereotypical, successful life yet still utterly single. That dating blog was even shorter (ps. I met my fiancee a year after I stopped writing).

I have no idea where this blog will go. All I know is I've felt more free, creative, beautiful and alive than ever before. That deserves to be shared.